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Streamer of Oil in Iberia Parish 2 Verified

13:53 Jul 07, 2010

Streamer of oil, 12 miles wide, 20 miles south of Marsh Island. More Information » « Less Information

Marsh Island

More tar balls in Lake Pontchartrain 0 Verified

11:31 Jul 07, 2010

More tar balls made their way into Lake Pontchartrain overnight, though barges placed at the Rigolets appear to be keeping the majority of the... More Information » « Less Information

Carr Drive, Slidell, LA

Black icky yuck on beach east of Bolivar Penninsla at High Island, TX 2 Verified

23:36 Jul 06, 2010

We found numerous tar balls and this nastiness (see pic) on te beach heading east on the remains of hwy 87. We were east of Crystal Beach &... More Information » « Less Information

High Isand, TX traveling east along what remains of Hwy 87

Tar Balls on beach east of Crystal Beach in High Island, TX 3 Verified

23:08 Jul 06, 2010

This afternoon my sister and I decided to drive out to High Island which is only about 20 minutes from our home. We found many possible tar... More Information » « Less Information

High Island, TX just east of intersection of Hwy 124 and Hwy 87

Oil smell in lower Garden District 0 Unverified

21:01 Jul 06, 2010

Oil smell lower garden nola. Immed burned nose/throat RT Use #BPspillmap;; #bp #oilspill #gusher More Information » « Less Information

Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA

Oily substance and tar balls at High Island, TX 2 Verified

19:30 Jul 06, 2010

I have called and reported this to the Coast Guard. Report # 946798 I have samples of everything we saw in jars. Including one very sticky tar... More Information » « Less Information

High Island, TX

Tarballs litter beach 2 Verified

13:51 Jul 06, 2010

Tarballs all along the beach. More Information » « Less Information

Dauphin Island

Hazmat crew and children swimming on the same beach 2 Verified

13:48 Jul 06, 2010

Swimming still open in Dauphin Island despite tarballs onshore. More Information » « Less Information

Dauphin Island

Swimming ban due to strong current, not oil, despite thousands of tarballs on shore 2 Verified

13:36 Jul 06, 2010

"Because there is no visible oil in the water we are still letting people swim in it" said a Pensacola lifeguard. More Information » « Less Information

Pensacola Beach

Seagrass covered in oil washes up onshore. 1 Verified

13:31 Jul 06, 2010

Clumps of seagrass with oil on it was all over the beach and in the water in Pensacola. More Information » « Less Information

Pensacola Beach

Tar balls and sheen on Brushy Island 1 Verified

13:23 Jul 06, 2010

Strong surface sheen. SCattered tar balls 1-5 cm , 1-3% coverage. Some oil visible on booms. Seven boats engaged in boom maintenance. Noone... More Information » « Less Information

Brushy Island

Fort Morgan, 2-3 mile marker oil report 0 Verified

13:23 Jul 06, 2010

July 4-5: Little new oil has washed up, however the oil that already washed up remains on the beach (see pic 1). Oil patties from a previous... More Information » « Less Information

Ft. Morgan between the 2 and 3 mile markers

Globs of black, shiny unweatherized oil on beach 2 Verified

13:17 Jul 06, 2010

Parts of Pensacola Beach had oil that looked "fresher" than the orange-brown tarballs on other parts of the beach. More Information » « Less Information

Pensacola Beach

Business slow during the 4th of July weekend. 0 Unverified

12:36 Jul 06, 2010

The workers on the Pensacola Beach Pier say that the business is much slower this year on the 4th of July weekend than in past years. More Information » « Less Information

Pensacola Beach

Beach stretch with large tarballs and oil globs. 0 Verified

12:23 Jul 06, 2010

Long stretch of beach with large tarballs, some over a foot wide. More Information » « Less Information

Fort Pickens, FL

Cleanup crews picking up tarballs, beach access still permitted. 2 Verified

12:16 Jul 06, 2010

About 60 people were cleaning up tarballs on the beach. We were advised to "stay out of the way" but were told we could still access... More Information » « Less Information

N 30.311674, W 087.26489

Thousands of tarballs on shore, some over a foot in diameter. 1 Verified

12:12 Jul 06, 2010

Tarballs and globs of weathered oil covered the beach along the waveline. More Information » « Less Information

Fort Pickens, FL

Tar balls in RIgolets Harbor Marina 1 Verified

11:46 Jul 06, 2010

The oil washed up in Treasure Isle near Slidell and in Rigolets Harbor Marina, where crews were still collecting the last of the tarballs near... More Information » « Less Information

Rigolets Harbor Marina, St. Tammany PArish, LA

7 gallonsof tar balls collected on Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island 111 Verified

01:55 Jul 06, 2010

TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) -- Tar balls from the Gulf oil spill found on a Texas beach were the first evidence that gushing crude from the Deepwater... More Information » « Less Information

Galveston Island, TX

Tar balls reach Lake Pontchartrain 4 Verified

01:52 Jul 06, 2010

howing just how unpredictable and all-consuming the massive Gulf oil spill can be, tar balls and small sheens of oil have entered Lake Pontchartrain... More Information » « Less Information

Treasure Isle, Slidell, LA

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