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oil sheen and contaminated boom 0 Verified

20:41 Jul 10, 2010

The water was full of sheen and the marsh lands full of contaminated boom More Information » « Less Information

bay long, louisiana

Contaminated Boom 0 Verified

20:30 Jul 10, 2010

Off of Bay Long contaminated boom wrapped around near the bird stretched over 200 ft. + More Information » « Less Information

bay long, louisiana

Oil Odor Strong In Steinhatchee, Fl



Oil Odor Strong In Steinhatchee, Fl 1 Unverified

19:38 Jul 10, 2010

My husband and I Just went to let dogs out at 7:30pm Oil spill smell very strong this evening.Winds blowing south east. More Information » « Less Information

Steinhatchee, Fl

intimidation from workers in oiled area 1 Verified

16:33 Jul 10, 2010

While mapping, saw nesting gulls in marsh area that was covered in a 20x20 feet area of oil slick. Workers were laying booms and tried to intimidate... More Information » « Less Information

29.19349 -90.61561

Burning feet after sand gets in flipflop Long each, MS 1 Unverified

13:50 Jul 10, 2010

My feet burned after sand from toxic beach in Long Beach, MS got in my shoes More Information » « Less Information

Long Beach, MS

Fishermen in Port Sulphur



Fishermen in Port Sulphur 0 Unverified

13:29 Jul 10, 2010

Fishing comp, port sulpher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve Higgins and randy smith are two local fisherman. I asked them to talk about Louisiana... More Information » « Less Information

Port Sulphur, LA

Reuse of FEMA trailers for BP workers 3 Unverified

13:21 Jul 10, 2010

Delta marina, empire la. Anonymous person. Bp is having companies put up temporary housing. Some of these units are potentially used fema... More Information » « Less Information

Delta Marina, Empire, LA

Fishing rodeo still held 2 Verified

12:30 Jul 10, 2010

Delta marina in empire la. Theres a fishing rodeo down here sponsored by the la dept of wildlife and fisheries. 31 contestants despite all... More Information » « Less Information

Delta Marina, Empire, LA

port Sulfur odor



port Sulfur odor 0 Unverified

10:11 Jul 10, 2010

Test port sulphur odor nasty -- Sent using SMS-to-email. Reply to this email to text the sender back and save on SMS fees. More Information » « Less Information

Pot Sulfur, LA

Tar Balls and Oil on Port Bolivar Tx Beach 1 Verified

01:11 Jul 10, 2010

While we are constantly told by officials that the oily mess we are seeing on the beach has nothing to do with the BP spill, one has to wonder...... More Information » « Less Information

Port Bolivar, TX

Oil washes ashore on High Island beaches in Texas. 4 Verified

21:44 Jul 09, 2010

KBMT TV in southeast Texas reports oil is washing ashore on High Island beaches in Texas. More Information » « Less Information

High Island, TX

Island near Bay California Oil 0 Verified

20:37 Jul 09, 2010

Oil in marsh along eastern shoreling of unnamed island located between Bay Round and Bay California. More Information » « Less Information

Bay California, LA

thick oil smell 0 Verified

18:32 Jul 09, 2010

Headache! Smelling oil since about 4:30pm today More Information » « Less Information

9th Ward, New Orleans, LA

oil smell in Nola



oil smell in Nola 0 Verified

16:51 Jul 09, 2010

Strong petroleum smell in the air around Mid-City New Orleans More Information » « Less Information

Mid-City, New Orleans, LA

Oil smell and irritated throat 0 Verified

15:36 Jul 09, 2010

Mystery and esplanade, nola, oil smell, irritated throat More Information » « Less Information

Mystery and Esplanade, New Orleans, LA

Kerosene smell 2 Verified

14:49 Jul 09, 2010

Smells like kerosene midcity burning nose dull headache More Information » « Less Information

Midcity, New Orleans, LA

High concentrations of propylene glycol in water samples taken at Grand Isle 0 Unverified

13:17 Jul 09, 2010

Oil and water samples were taken from both the Shores of Grand Isle and from 20 miles out. The preliminary analysis was done at an academic... More Information » « Less Information

Grand Isle, LA

Oil in Long Beach, MS 0 Verified

13:08 Jul 09, 2010

Yesterday it looked as if the surf was boiling. It was milky looking and made a hissing sound. The water is the consistency of cooking oil.... More Information » « Less Information

Long Beach, MS

Patches of bubbling water making popping noises 1 Unverified

13:06 Jul 09, 2010

Citizen reported to the Dave Koley show that the ocean had patches of bubbling effervescent water that was making popping noises. More Information » « Less Information

Pensacola Beach, FL

Effervescent water 3 Unverified

11:11 Jul 09, 2010

Citizen from Gulf Shores, AL reported to the Dave Kenoly show that they saw patches of the sea water bubbling like Alka Seltzer and concerned... More Information » « Less Information

Gulf Shores, AL

22361-22380 of 23998 Reports
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