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Grand Isle: odor



Grand Isle: odor 1 Unverified

21:53 Jun 13, 2010

Grand Isle health/economic survey: From resident odor log "slight oil smell." More Information » « Less Information

grand isle, la

oil on raccoon island 2 Verified

21:25 Jun 13, 2010

oil is moving in between our barrier island's !! More Information » « Less Information

Raccoon Island, LA

Loss of fishing livelihood 1 Verified

19:00 Jun 13, 2010

A Grand Isle dock worker has lost a major portion of his income due to the to the loss of tips from the fisherman that bring in their catch... More Information » « Less Information

29.26253 -089.96159

Interfaith Beach Prayer 1 Verified

17:00 Jun 13, 2010

Jeff Dorson from the Humane Society of Louisiana organized an interfaith beach prayer event with Father Mike from the Our Lady of The Isle Catholic... More Information » « Less Information

29.20358 -90.03815

Seafood distribution company impacted 1 Verified

13:30 Jun 13, 2010

Patrick Shay 43 owner of Market WeGo, a seafood distribution company(which he says is basically out of business) and resident of Grand Isle,... More Information » « Less Information

29.20615 -90.03580

Turtles being burned 1 Unverified

12:19 Jun 13, 2010

BP is blocking access to rescuing turtles and is incinerating turtles in the oil. Interview by Catherine Craig More Information » « Less Information

Deepwater Horizon explosion site, Gulf of Mexico

Oil on shore in Ft. Morgan, AL 2 Unverified

08:02 Jun 13, 2010

Watching the oil come ashore On the beautiful white sand beaches of Ft. Morgan AL. Massive slicks, horrible smell, even though the weather... More Information » « Less Information

Ft. Morgan AL

Oil coming ashore Ft. Morgan, AL 45 Verified

06:03 Jun 13, 2010

Watching the oil come ashore On the beautiful white sand beaches of Ft. Morgan AL More Information » « Less Information

Fort Morgan, AL

Migraine like headaces, etc. 2 Unverified

22:46 Jun 12, 2010

5+ continuous weeks of the first migraine I've ever had, and 3 weeks of severe double vision and eye pain.   I have immune system... More Information » « Less Information

Venetian Isles - Bayou Sauvage

Black oil 1 mile x 15 feet wide spotted 2 miles S of Bayou La Mere. 2 Verified

22:41 Jun 12, 2010

Black oil 1 mile x 15 feet wide spotted 2 miles S of Bayou La Mere. More Information » « Less Information

bayou la mere plaquemines LA

BP discouraing crews from using respirators 2 Verified

22:00 Jun 12, 2010

BP workers discouraged from using respirators because it could cause public "hysteria". More Information » « Less Information

Gulf Coast

Oiled pelican rescue 1 Verified

20:48 Jun 12, 2010

"We did rescue one heavily oiled pelican from Queen Bess Island. This bird was not visible to us when we first reached the boom around... More Information » « Less Information

Queen Bess Island, LA

oiled pelicans 1 Verified

20:45 Jun 12, 2010

" Queen Bess Island in the afternoon, there were 3 very heavily oiled pelicans that had not been visible at all earlier in the day.... More Information » « Less Information

Queen Bess Island, LA

Birds that are oiled 1 Verified

20:42 Jun 12, 2010

We did see numerous oiled birds of several species, predominantly Brown Pelicans. There were some adults with all stages of oiling. Some birds... More Information » « Less Information

Queen Bess Island, LA

Boom maintenance around nesting areas- severly lacking 3 Verified

20:40 Jun 12, 2010

"...Strongest concerns lie with the lack of appropriate management of the booms. Within the first week of the oil spill, LDWF personnel... More Information » « Less Information

Queen Bess Island, LA

Citrus Odor smell in South Florida



Citrus Odor smell in South Florida 1 Unverified

19:19 Jun 12, 2010

Last evening, the 11th, about 1 in the morning the air had a funny citrus cleaner odor to it, like bug spray or something. Earlier that afternoon,... More Information » « Less Information

Coral Springs

headache from stench 1 Unverified

18:19 Jun 12, 2010

headaches and coughing in morning from oil smell. day after day. More Information » « Less Information

Biloxi, MS

oil spill clean up worker with open sores on his hands and arms 1 Unverified

13:17 Jun 12, 2010

Supervisor for BP subcontractor reported to first aid tent that he had a worker referral from a physician to the nurses for open sores on his... More Information » « Less Information

BP Worker Compound, Grand Isle, LA

21001-21020 of 22071 Reports
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