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horrible tar odor burns my throat 0 Unverified

09:35 Jun 11, 2019

We have this on and off smell of burning tar that waffs in from 4th st. it tends to start around 3-5am and is strong enough to take your breath... More Information » « Less Information

4th st between the draw bridge and Greffer ave

Strong Odor 0 Verified

10:40 Feb 09, 2018

There has been a strong odor coming from the Valero Refinery in Chalmette. It has been really strong. Smells like rotting eggs or something... More Information » « Less Information

2301-, 2521 Jacob Dr, Chalmette, LA 70043, United States

Smells Horrible On Scenic Hwy Near Exxon 15 Unverified

16:59 Apr 30, 2014

I am at the pollinators gardens (part of the natural trail) across the street from ExxonMobil I On scenic highway. The innocuous sulphur smell... More Information » « Less Information

Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

We got scre@#$ 5 Unverified

14:08 Dec 26, 2013

Sender: ellen trauth Email: Phone: 5046210705 Message: I had to move to TN, never thought I'd do it. People don't... More Information » « Less Information

Gulf of Mexico

stone oil gretna strong odor 10 Unverified

23:28 Nov 04, 2012

Strong pungent odor on the river levee walking path in gretna near the stone oil storage tanks today. The smell was downriver just past the... More Information » « Less Information

Stone Oil Distributing on 1st street gretna 70053

BP spill effect on migratory birds. 40 Verified

21:10 May 21, 2012

effects of the spill are starting to become apparent in areas like Minnesota that are the homes to birds that migrate to the Gulf. Pelicans... More Information » « Less Information


deformed shrimp in Gulf of Mexico 3 Verified

22:20 Feb 25, 2012

The Gulf has been plagued with a suite of unexplained afflictions. Gulf fishermen say this is the worst season they can remember More Information » « Less Information

Gulf of Mexico

crude odor and sweet chemical odor 1 Unverified

19:03 May 10, 2011

Been smelling crude during the day depending which way the wind blows and this eve strong sweet chemical odor around 7:55 pm. Would really like... More Information » « Less Information

bayshore, FL

health problems 3 Unverified

16:14 Mar 19, 2011

Feeling very tired lethargic. Nose always stopped. More headaces than mormal. Increase in cardiac arrhythmia's.Went to heart specialist.... More Information » « Less Information

bayshore area about 2 miles from bay Fl west coast

lack of eggs in sow trout 1 Unverified

23:40 Mar 04, 2011

personal observations from two different groups of sports fisherman from separate trips made the last weekend of Feb 2011. one trip out of... More Information » « Less Information

point a la hache, la

Many people sick in central Florida. 1 Unverified

17:39 Feb 26, 2011

Me and my family have been sick for months. We all have headaches,nausea,itchy skin,sinus congestion and lung congestion with pain. I talk to... More Information » « Less Information


Ft. Morgan 2-3 mile marker oil report 2 Verified

18:12 Feb 06, 2011

Despite promises to clean up the oil on our beaches, the beach between the 2-3 mile markers continues to have lots of oil. Over the past months... More Information » « Less Information

Ft. Morgan beaches between the 2 and 3 mile markers

Constant coughing and sneezing 1 Unverified

12:09 Jan 09, 2011

My wife has had a cough for at least a month and a half. We live 6/10ths of a mile from the harbour and believe it is from the oil and disbursments.... More Information » « Less Information

Long Beach Ms.

Chemical Spray 118 Unverified

15:54 Jan 05, 2011

There was CorExit, (from the smell), sprayed on the evening of January 4, 2011 in Destin Florida. Heavy rain was inevitable that night and... More Information » « Less Information

Destin, Floirda

Gulf residents still suffering form BP Spill 123 Verified

01:26 Dec 22, 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, several Gulf Coast residents and businesses are still suffering both economic and emotional effects of the BP oil... More Information » « Less Information

United Houma Nation, LA

BP spill worker sues for damages, claims serious health injury from dispersant use 3 Verified

10:20 Dec 07, 2010

A Louisiana man is suing his former employer and the BP Corp., claiming it never warned him he was working with dangerous chemicals during the... More Information » « Less Information

Harris County, MS

Husband and wife shrimpers report health effects and serious impact on their livelihood because of the oil 5 Verified

01:06 Dec 02, 2010

Darla Rooks is a bayou fisherman to the core. When she married Todd 20 years ago, she wore her white plastic fishing boots under her wedding... More Information » « Less Information

Barataria Bay, LA

VOO fishermen reporting health effects from oil spill 6 Verified

11:48 Nov 15, 2010

ames Miller, a commercial shrimper, lifelong fisherman in Mississippi and former BP oil response worker, is horribly sick. "I've... More Information » « Less Information

Biloxi, MS

Okaloosa Island resident blood test finds elevated abnormal levels of chemicals in his blood 1 Verified

01:30 Nov 03, 2010

Local doctor links spill to symptoms November 02, 2010 11:26 AM By Jennie Hobbs Rodney D. Soto, medical doctor for the Younger You Institute... More Information » « Less Information

Okaloosa Island, FL

Cough, Burning Eyes, and Drastic Community Change 2 Unverified

13:33 Oct 29, 2010

LABB Survey Report 9/28/10 Resident reported severe coughing and itching eyes. Resident concerned about seafood contamination specifically... More Information » « Less Information

Buras, LA

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