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chemical smell



chemical smell 0 Unverified

01:37 Jun 19, 2019

strong intense smell of chemicals. me and my children are having horrible headaches. smels like deisel. More Information » « Less Information

1028 7th street gretna louisiana 70053

bad smell



bad smell 0 Unverified

09:15 Jun 17, 2019


Lower 9th Ward/St. Bernard 0 Unverified

06:44 Jun 17, 2019

The air in Holy Cross smells horrible this morning -- woke up with a sore throat and it's difficult to be outside. Guessing it's coming... More Information » « Less Information

627 Tricou St

horrible tar odor burns my throat 0 Unverified

09:35 Jun 11, 2019

We have this on and off smell of burning tar that waffs in from 4th st. it tends to start around 3-5am and is strong enough to take your breath... More Information » « Less Information

4th st between the draw bridge and Greffer ave

Petrochemical Smell, New Orleans



Petrochemical Smell, New Orleans 0 Unverified

19:29 Apr 29, 2019

Strong petrochemical smell—syrupy—in Holy Cross neighbored of New Orleans. More Information » « Less Information

Corner of Royal and Deslonde St., New Orleans.

Strong bad Gas-like smell



Strong bad Gas-like smell 0 Unverified

21:00 Mar 09, 2019

Strong bad smell similar to a gas leak smell. Irritation of nasal passages. Also smelled Wednesday March 6 in the evening. Entergy came out... More Information » « Less Information

1628 Dufossat.

Odor in the air 0 Unverified

03:10 May 09, 2018

At random times over the last month I smell an odor in the air especially outside at night and sometimes early morning. I don’t know how... More Information » « Less Information

Ormond Meadows Dr & River Rd, Destrehan, LA 70047, USA

Chemical odor in Harahan



Chemical odor in Harahan 0 Unverified

15:39 Apr 25, 2018

For the past few months we have been smelling a chemical odor in Harahan. It usually occurs in the early morning hours. This morning I smelled... More Information » « Less Information

132 Haroleans St, Harahan, LA 70123, USA

Chemical smell 0 Unverified

15:47 Apr 16, 2018

Strong refinery smell Monday morning 6:00am 4/16/18 on Carrollton and Riverbend More Information » « Less Information

8419 Green St, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Horrible Pollution from Norco Plant 0 Verified

20:49 Mar 17, 2018

There is a very strong burning sulfur smell coming from the Norco plant over here in St. Charles Parish. We are about 8 miles away in Kenner... More Information » « Less Information

Norco, LA 70079, USA

Recycling Center Fire 0 Verified

13:33 Mar 12, 2018 2nd fire in 2 weeks at EMC southern recycling center. The smoke... More Information » « Less Information

718 Andry St

Noxious Odor - Jefferson Parish



Noxious Odor - Jefferson Parish 0 Verified

10:10 Mar 07, 2018

There was a noxious gas-type odor last night (3/6/18) as I drove River Road from Old Jefferson into Harahan from 7:00 p.m. until approximately... More Information » « Less Information

501 Hickory Ave B, New Orleans, LA 70123, USA

Strong smells from Exxon Mobile on Scenic highway 0 Verified

21:34 Mar 06, 2018

Beginning 3-6-2018 there is a strong metallic smell in the air that's causing headaches and biesbkeedsbin my household. More Information » « Less Information

Evangeline St & Plank Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70805, USA




SULFUR ODOR 0 Verified

10:02 Feb 23, 2018

SULFUR ODOR IN AIR - WIND DIRECTION COMING FROM VALERO MERAUX REFINERY - DATE: 02/23/2018 - TIME: 09:45 A.M More Information » « Less Information

Blanchard Dr & Campagna Dr, Chalmette, LA 70043, USA


22:09 Feb 20, 2018

Already filed with LDEQ - have not posted numerous complaints that have transpired in the last 3 months to this website but have filed with... More Information » « Less Information

2612 Campagna Dr, Chalmette, LA 70043, USA

Really Bad Smell - Chalmette



Really Bad Smell - Chalmette 0 Unverified

19:44 Jan 25, 2018

Hi, I live in Chalmette Avenue, the city of Chalmette. I'm smelling a really, really bad smell. It's all the way inside our house,... More Information » « Less Information

Chalmette, LA, USA

Horrible, Awful, Chemical Smell - New Orleans



Horrible, Awful, Chemical Smell - New Orleans 0 Unverified

23:35 Jan 18, 2018

Horrible, awful chemical smell 1117 Robert Street 70115 More Information » « Less Information

1117 Robert St, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA

Foul Odor, Irritating Throat - Baton Rouge 0 Unverified

21:30 Jan 11, 2018

This is Liz Gordon. I live it 2747 Arbutus Avenue. Today is January the 11th, 2018. The time now is 9:28 p.m.. There's a foul, foul odor... More Information » « Less Information

2747 Arbutus Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70805, USA

Heavy Outside foul odor smell 0 Unverified

00:00 Dec 30, 2017

There is an awful strong odor smell outside that is finding its way into our home. Foul smell coming from the factories maybe? Always seems... More Information » « Less Information

Felix street and corwin street Kenner Louisiana

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