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Veolia Wastewater Plant Release- Harahan Neighborhoods

09:23 Mar 13 2017 East Ave, Harahan, LA 70123, USA


Our neighborhood has been having some serious issues with chemical smells coming from the Veolia water procesing plant on Dickory Ave. in Harahan. Information coming from other residents indicates that Chalmette Refinery
Waste is being trucked to this location (in the middle of the night no less) by agreement with the City, then processed at night. This is causing a plume of a noxious chemical to regularly develop over our neighborhoods
in Harahan. Specifically, on Saturday night at 9:40 pm my family and I drove down Hickory and as we were passing the Harahan Playgrounds, less than a block west of the treatment plant, the smell was so terrible in the car that my
two boys, husband and I could not breathe. It was absolutely smothering and one of my sons began coughing. Now typically, I smell it nearly every morning as I pass down Dickory right along side of the plant on the way to work at about 7:45 in the morning. It's pretty awful then and hard to breathe, but the plume seems less potent. What can our neighborhood do about this? I believe people are starting to
email council members and the mayor, but my fear is that they are trucking in at releasing at night so that discharges are harder to report and getting someone to investigate in a timely manner is tricky. Is there anything else we can do? Is there any air monitoring that can be done that would catch intermittent activity like this? Although it is rare that we can smell the chemical from my home, it does happen, and I worry for the families that live near the playground.

Many thanks,

Amy Bryson
East Avenue
Harahan, LA
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